Tuesday is our usual pot-luck holiday party, but also, we are VERY excited to have Becky Langer-Curry from Bayer CropScience fly in to Tucson to talk to us about bees, at our December Rose Society of Tucsonmeeting. This is a very special meeting with very special guests! Hope you can all attend! Tucson Botanical Gardens, 6pm, December 2. Bring dish, bring a friend! Enjoy a great meal and a great talk. 


Rose Society of Tucson
November 2014 Program
Let’s Show Off Our Fall Blooms
Everyone can participate in our November program. We’re having a small rose show. So here’s 
the deal. Donaldina Joung and Terry Swartz will be our judges and discuss all the entries with 
us as they judge each classification. We’ve asked Terry and Donaldina not only to explain how 
roses are judged, but also to discuss how each variety thrives in Tucson. As always, they will 
answer questions throughout.
Bring Your Roses to the Meeting
• Bring as many roses as you like.
• Cut the stems as long as reasonably possible and do not remove any leaves.
• Keep your roses fresh, bring them in water—a bucket or container.
The Rose Society Will Provide
• Vases to display each rose separately
• Water for vases
• Entry tags for you to fill out, providing
o Name of each rose
o Classification 1 through 4 (see below) 
(If you are not sure of classification, we will help you with that)
o Your name
The Fun Begins
Once all roses have been entered, Donaldina and Terry will discuss each entry. They 
will explain what ARS judges are looking for—form, freshness, color, etc., and answer 
The Winners Receive Prizes !
• First place ribbons will be awarded to the winners in each of the 4 classifications.
• Best of Show winner will receive a 10 pound bag of Miller’s Rose Food.
Rose Show Entry Classifications
Class 1 – One Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora, exhibition stage, disbudded.
Class 2 – One Floribunda, single or spray.
Class 3 – One Shrub rose.
Class 4 – One Miniature or Miniflora, single or spray. 
Liz Strong, Vice President

Forms & Updates

Arrangement Workshop to be held in Phoenix on September 20, 2014. Click below for the signup form.

Registration Form


Judges! Glendale is hosting a four credit update for ARS accredited horticulture judges – a seminar, not a school. If you need to renew, please see the flyer and registration form below.

Judge Registration


June 3rd Meeting: Potluck Plus Photos of the ARS National Convention/Rose Show

June is our last meeting until September. It’s a potluck meeting which always promises delicious items made by our members.

Please come Between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m and bring:

• A Main Dish, or
• A Salad, or
• A Dessert
• A Serving Utensil, If Required

(Drinks, Plates & Cutlery Will Be Provided)

The ARS National Convention and Rose Show was held in San Diego in May, and was attended by several of the Rose Society of Tucson’s members: Shirley Dattilo, Les & Suzanne Hayt, Donaldina Joung, Bob & Collette Morton, and Liz Strong. We had a wonderful time together and took lots of pictures to share with you. The convention always includes a fantastic rose show plus several tours of local members’ rose gardens. Suzanne Hayt and Liz Strong will show photos of these, plus others documenting the fun time we had together.

Liz Strong, Vice President

May 6th Meeting: How Do We Get Through the Long, Hot Summer?

This is the big question at this time of year. May and June are the hottest months in Tucson.

However, recently the monsoons have been minimal, so July, August and September haven’t been a whole lot cooler. What should we do to make sure our roses survive through the summer.

This is the question which a panel of our expert rosarians will discuss. There are a variety of routines which our members follow throughout the summer, all of which have proven to assure that roses don’t suffer from the stress of heat. Gary Carruthers, Lauren Kettenbach and Terry Swartz will discuss their summer rose care tricks. We also have a handout describing how Lou and Diane Pavlovich manage to keep their roses thriving throughout the summer. And of course, the best part of these discussions is your questions. We want to know what you do, what works for you? Everyone benefits from this opportunity to share their experiences.

In addition, we will reminisce about the lovely rose show on April 12 and, for those who were not able to come to the show, we’ll announce the winning roses and exhibitors.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, Tuesday, May 6th at 6:30!

Liz Strong, Vice President


Photo credits: Slide show photographs provided by Rose Society of Tucson members Danielle Fochs, Lisa Bunker, and Judy Singer. More photographs of Tucson-grown roses are viewable in our photo gallery.