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Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 2  
LeRoy Brady On Soils, Water & Nutrients

LeRoy Brady from the Mesa-East Valley Rose Society will delve into the subject of Soils. Water & Nutrients at our next virtual Go To Meeting on March 2 at 7 p.m.

All About Soils By James D. Claridge will be the text information for the presentation.  LeRoy will talk about the essential elements that are required which may be in short supply from our Arizona soils.

He also will explain how watering plays an important role in the survival and success of growing great roses and other plants too. 

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2020 Special Fall Exhibit Of Roses
75-Photo Feast For The Eyes Now Live

Produced by Lou Pavlovich, single roses, collections and amazing gardens are photographed in town and across the world from Rose Society of Tucson members. 

This special presentation shows the stunning beauty of roses from hybrid teas to miniature roses and everything in between.

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Microclimates, Weather & Roses
With Meteorologist Erik Heden