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Lou Pavlovich on Exhibiting

Original post by Lisa Bunker, ed. 2014 by Judith Singer Wow, Lou is hardcore. His methods have produced winning roses over and over (and over), but we encourage new exhibitors to not be overwhelmed and feel like they must do all of this to win. Take from his tips what makes sense to you and […]


Jan Anholt on Rose Arrangements

Right now these are my raw notes from tonight’s meeting. I will whip them into shape tomorrow night. Note: refer to your April 2011 Thrip Hater for more complete tips The big takeaways? Read the arrangements schedule and understand the different types Balance (this doesn’t always mean symmetry) Nothing. Not the vase, not the filler […]


Container Gardening in the Desert

  This is an updated version of something I wrote for a blog I used to have. I hope you enjoy reading it! –Lisa Bunker Visitors to my garden are always surprised that many of my roses are in pots. Here’s what I would tell them about using pots in the desert (if there was […]


Rosarian Les Hayt’s Rose Tips for April

Rosarian Les Hayt’s rose tips for April (from notes taken at the meeting): It’s going to be windy, so be sure to keep you roses well hydrated Les uses irrigation with shrub sprayers, for 6 min. at a high volume (about 3 gallons of water) Les recommends Magnum Gro, every 10days, sprinkled on, then watered […]

We have Roses for Sale

We have Roses for Sale

  Please look under the “Sales” tab for the current roses we have for sale, or contact Judy Singer for the latest changes. They are in 1 gallon pots, and cost 10-$12 each.  


Welcome to our new website!

First, we need to thank our outgoing webmaster, Collette Morton for the untold hours she spent our our website over the years.Your dedication to the site and the society have been outstanding! Our new website will allow many levels of member participation, from article commenting to photo galleries showcasing the gorgeous roses we grow. Explore […]