Rose Society Board Members

President: Terry Swartz
Vice-President: Liz Strong
Secretary: Sandy Miller
Treasurer: Judy Singer
Past President: Diane Pavlovich
Members-at-large: Vinnie Baiocchetti,
Barbara Bolton

Committees and Chairs

Historian: Position Available
Hospitality: Suzanne Hayt
Membership: Krystal Schmich
Membership Directory: Liz Strong
Publicity: Diane Pavlovich
Raffle: Barbara Marshall
Sales: Vinnie Baiocchetti
Thrip Hater Editor: Donna Kamper
Webmaster: Lou Pavlovich

Consulting Rosarians

Consulting Rosarians are rose growers who have met the qualifications set by the American Rose Society and are there to help you with your rose growing problems. Call on them when you have any questions.

If you would like help from a Consulting Rosarian you can contact them by there number below or email if available. If they do not have an email available and you would like to contact a specific Rosarian by email please send a note to Lou Pavlovich, the website editor. Be sure to include your name and phone number. The area of town you live in would also be useful information.


  • Jan Anholt (520) 323-3228
  • Shirley Dattilo (520) 887-6966
  • Les & Suzanne Hayt (520) 624-0931
  • Donaldina Joung (520) 398-8151
  • Lauren Kettenbach (520) 296-3093 [ email: ]
  • Liz Strong (520) 797-7890


  • LeRoy Brady (480) 529-3006
  • Marylou Coffman (480) 926-3064