Rose Show Planned For Nov. Meeting


Rose Society of Tucson
November 2017 Program

Let’s Show Off Our Fall Blooms

Everyone can participate in our November program.  We’re having a small rose show. So here’s the deal. Donaldina Joung and Terry Swartz will be our judges and discuss all the entries with us as they judge each classification. We’ve asked Terry and Donaldina not only to explain how roses are judged, but also to discuss how each variety thrives in Tucson.  As always, they will answer questions throughout.

Bring Your Roses to the Meeting

  • Bring as many roses as you like.
  • Cut the stems as long as reasonably possible and do not remove any leaves.
  • Keep your roses fresh, bring them in water—a bucket or container.

The Rose Society Will Provide

  • Vases to display each rose separately
  • Water for vases
  • Entry tags for you to fill out, providing
    • Name of each rose
    • Classification 1 through 4 (see below)

(If you are not sure of classification, we will help you with that)

  • Your name

The Fun Begins

Once all roses have been entered, Donaldina and Terry will discuss each entry.  They will explain what ARS judges are looking for—form, freshness, color, etc., and answer questions.

The Winners Receive Prizes !

  • First place ribbons will be awarded to the winners in each of the 4 classifications.
  • Best of Show winner will receive a 10 pound bag of Miller’s Rose Food.

Rose Show Entry Classifications

Class 1 – One Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora, exhibition stage, disbudded.

Class 2 – One Floribunda, single or spray.

Class 3 – One Shrub rose.

Class 4 – One Miniature or Miniflora, single or spray.       

Liz Strong, Vice President