Most items are for purchase from Vinnie Baiocchetti at our monthly meetings.

If you cannot attend meetings, some items are available for purchase by mail (see below).

Buy from us and support your Local Rose Society!

Books –¬†Available by mail or at our meetings

All About Growing Great Roses In The Desert Southwest
Compiled and edited by Dona Martin, this 57 page award-winning book provides everything you need to know to successfully grow roses in the heat of Southern Arizona.

Rose Society of Tucson Monthly Guide: What to do in your Rose Garden
A whole year of helpful information on how to care for your roses, month-by-month.
$2.00 each

Roses for Sale

Minis and Minifloras are $10. All others are $12. All in 1 gallon pots and grown outside in full desert sun.

Updated April 14, 2016

ROSES ALL SOLD OUT AT THE SHOW – More coming in May, 2016

Other items

Bloom Saver
A stable, easily portable flower caddy designed to be taken into the garden when you cut flowers.
$25.00 each

Paint Pen
For use on your Garden Markers – black
$4.00 each

Garden Markers
Aluminum labels with stakes for labeling your roses and other plants.
.75 each

Convention T-Shirts
Hefty-Ts with the wonderful graphic by Fitz, created just for our 2010 Rose Show!
$15.00 each


We offer two items for sale by mail, an award-winning book on growing roses in the desert, and its companion video (details below).

Please contact Liz Strong by phone (520) 797-7890, or email:

Growing Roses in the Desert book $12.00 including shipping & handling
Compiled and edited by Dona Martin, this 57 page award winning book provides everything you need to know to successfully grow roses in the heat of Southern Arizona.

Growing Roses in the Desert Table of Contents

* Easy Rose Care Calendar for Arizona
* Roses That Love our Heat
* What to Know Before You Buy Roses
* The Naked Truth: Anatomy of a Bare Root Rose
* Planting Bare Root Roses
* Ten Basic Steps of Pruning
* Pruning Old Garden Roses
* Pruning for Fall in the Desert Southwest
* Growing Roses in Pots
* What is Deadheading? It’s Not the Same as Pruning!
* A Mound of Mulch
* Control of Fungal Diseases
* Powdery Mildew: a Spring/Fall Curse
* Twelve Months of Comprehensive Rose Care
* Recommended for Every Time you Spray
* The Mystery of Chlorosis
* Fall-proof Cuttings
* Earthworms and Roses: If You Feed Them, They Will Come
* The Bugs of Summer
* Own Root vs Grafted Roses?
* Growing Roses on Fortuniana Rootstock in Arizona
* Glossary

“Growing Roses in the Desert” Video $20.00
The members of the Mesa East Valley Rose Society (in Phoenix) have produced this video to show you everything you need to know about growing roses in the desert. Topics covered are:

* Pruning – Learn what time of year to prune, how to prune to get the most blooms from your bush.
* Planting – Learn the best time of year to plant a bare root rose or potted rose. Find out how to give them a good start.
* Spraying – Learn what to spray and when to spray for various diseases and pests.
* Fertilizing – Learn the times of year to fertilize and different methods of fertilizing.
* Watering – Learn why water can be your best friend.